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Gravezone Clann
"Castles In Da Grave"

Plunderphonic sleep music designed to induce nightmares!



Here's a review from Meme Analysis:

"The record is the gravezone. In these tracks, you hear what begin as glimpses of a recognizable painting, or a whiff of a common dish, but we are quickly audience to torture. These sampled songs are drawn and quartered, their limbs used as aural bludgeons.

Rather than invoking comforting old gods for sentiment, the Gravezone Clann coldly initiates a Götterdämmerung, and little is left after the acid wash.

Sample based music, plunderphonics, has long been a trade for graverobbers, effective little necromancers, romancing indulgent hearts, the Gravezone Clann is ghoulish. Like Charles II drawing up Cromwell’s corpse to punish beyond the pale.

It is in this tonal cruelty that the spiritual character of the record is gleaned. A passioned crime against old sentiments, a musical sadism, not against the “audience” but against the concept of music itself. Something so sentimentalized as to make it untouchable. This is a necessary spiting the face. Iconic noses strewn about the floor, and a triumphant Gravezone Clann, adorned in golden nose sheaths, smelted from decades of undeserved grammys.

So turn up your headphones, and wrack your little head with a ritual torture of music." 

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