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Motion Graphics


Camera, Editing

Concept by Ongorah.


Direction, Editing

A pseudo-documentary follows an unnamed raver obsessed with the extreme sub-genre "gabber," as he drifts through his lonely day by day, far from home and far from his culture. Written and assistant directed by Aidan Mcdonah.

GUMMO 2 (2021)

Editing, Graphics, Direction on 4 skits

An online collaboration consisting of skits, shorts, animation, montages and more.

Written by Sewer City. Starring Ston Head, Aidan, Michael Coolen, Nick Anderson, Theo Maclean, Jordan, and Sam France. Graphics by Zeb Newby, Nick Anderson, and Michael Coolen

JAPAN USA (2021)

Main Camera, Co-Direction

Part documentary, part mockumentary following a group of online collaborators meeting in real life for the first time, scamming their way to LA making a documentary about aliens, and jeopardizing their friendships along the way. Filmed in 2021, still in post production.

A2B2 vs SEWER CITY (2021)

Direction, Editing, Graphics

Commission for the /artist collective/music festival "A2B2" created by Andy Morin of Death Grips. The version that appeared on their channel is heavily re-edited, but can be found here:

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