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Gravezone Clann
"What Am I Doing?"

The third full length studio album by Peanut Bitch Smooth and LL Prophet. Produced by Crisis Hotline and External Vision Systems.


What Am I Doing.jpg

1. Drake Intro
Give it to me, and ill do what you shoulda did, ten minutes ago
Mmm its peanut bitch smooth
Stuck in a world that don't make sense
I live with my mom she tryna charge rent
Put some stank in that Diapey
I'm finna wipe that
Fake ass bitches tryna get me to smoke fent
What am I doing where am I going
Its Gravezone time, yeah you know its important
They're all out of apple pies at the McDonalds right now
What are they doing?
Playing tennis
Wii sport tennis
I'm Dennis the Menace
I'm the apprentice
I am
What am I doing
What am I doing
No music sucks, I hate all music now, I really don't like listening to music any more
Fuck music, listen to Gravezone Clann


2. Going Up
One day one day I'll die
Going up
One day one day I'll die
Breaking into the pentagon
So crackers know they can't fuck with me
Fuck cocaine your little league
A honkeys huffing amphetamines
Got the big skull like Channing Tate
I suck my own dick I don't masturbate, like
Whole head through the tv set
Bitch I'm star trek
Cause I insurrect
Valentines from the grave homerun
Its the truth since yawl don't care about that
Serving points from the bank, just so
See my past on the ground and I ride right past
You see me coming, you cant do nothing
I'm up to something, I'm number one since 2012
I don't care if you know bitch ill see you in hell
Brewing poopoo in my jail cell

Fuck big pharma
I'm Antarctica
Stairway Broadway
Gutter Obama
Bang bang, gun sound
Going haywire
Say my name is peanut bitch smooth, hun
One day one day I'll die
Going Up
One day one day i'll die
Spent a lot money in the bank like that
Cocaine in the brain like that
Fuck a bitch I'm in a gang like that
Oh yeah, cocaine, co-caine
Got a brain in the brain like that
And I'm off cocaine
Like Rick James
I'm off that cocaine
Pull up on my site I got kites to skite
Digging in the ditch with the Sunday light
Taking off the shirt in the rain alright
Cause it's going for the snow like its Christmas night
Home they go, flowing cycles
Bring that break down
Bitch that's bling now
Home fight go
Home to fight now
Bad bitch and she wanna suck dick
Real quick like
Oh oh oh with the bitch
And she wanna go oh oh oh
Crazy, yeah
Cause i got myself sent to the pen
Get my brain raped, uhh
Fuck twelve
Say death to the pigs
Suck that dick
Steal a bitch gun
Make a bitch quit real quick
When I put that gun in her pussy
What what
One day one day I'll die
Going Up
One day one day i'll die
One day one day I'll die
Going Up
One day one day i'll die
Yo this peanut bitch smooth man
And like yo man, i just gotta tell you man
You learn something you gotta let it go man
Sometime you gotta stop
You gotta look at yourself in the third person
And then go man like
What am i doing man like hmmmm
You look at the future


3. Hardest Beat Ever
I'm the cum monster
Life to my Christ
Need that clarity
Aint no funeral yet they all still consoling me
Anti oxidant they cant controller me
Face down in a puddle full of gasoline
I'm like Billy mays, bitch I'm gonna need that oxy clean
Hold up gotta process this oxygen
Star in these movies like I'm Neil Breen
I go far with these movies like I'm Neil Breen
You know i hold back that's a cum seam
I'm jolly green yawl a string bean
Fall to my sleep than I smoke weed
Transformers man cause we all on the same team
Caught in my mind got the dumb beam
Chicken in my run gonna come dean
Something about Solomon Grundy
And you know I'm watching that gumby
That'll keep you calm when the fears kicking in
Been gone for a while know these beers kicking in
Imma sip than I lip, then I get this
And I'm coming to your house so you better serve me din
Aerodynamics puffing through your video screen
And it's so fantastic the way I breathe
Breathe smoke breathe oxygen, breathe vape
Take OxyContin, up in space
Car bomb chicken chocking soup thick soccer mom
Drinking drugs drinking Stewie Griffin, otter box like
Everyone's riding on a motorcade, it's so full of energy, palpable it must be
Even for the renegades, make me in free radicals
Snitch on me like Randel, imma need an axe when I fly off the handle
I'm on Adderall and I'm on the beat like a cop
Suck it three times than I come that's a lot
That's a lot of booby cancer, imma need a booby-mancer
Imma go Rick Moranis, Instagram emancipation, ho
I'm so gay I be fucking men
So what about solipsism
Momar that's circumcision ho
Yah, check swag, bitch, bitch, bitch
Yo Kendrick Lamar, why don't you never rap battle me ho
You scared, that's why you scared of me, you know peanut bitch smooth a better rapper
I merck your ass, pull up to the court
Pull up to the fuck, brah, bitch


4. Dougs Song For Christmas
Yo all you rich wall street motherfuckers that be stealing my money and shit
Listen up, one day I'm gonna show up to your motherfucking house
Imma hang you and the kids in the mother Fucking street bitch
Cause that's just how it do motherfucker, one love Bob Marley style lets get it
In a synagogue sitting i can sit all night
I can see ghosts in the hall now,
Wonder where it went when it fell down
You cant cakewalk with a ghost
Should a never let me in your fucking house bitch bitch
Make my brain gag
I'm on brain gang
Bring my swag back, diamond snap back
Suck that dick like girl what you wanna do
Don't you want to get down on your knees and suck it
Fahoo fores dahoo dores welcome Christmas
Fahoo fores dahoo dores  christmas help me
Body tag, born today, who knows, don't, know all day
Zone to phone my friends, flying limbs in heads
I'm gonna need those body bags
God don't leave us, photo grimace, ripped and driven
Whos been saving, already told these hoes, these souls are going home
I'm on Adderall bitch I'm Serpico
Bitch I'm seminal
Take this seminar
Plastic genitals, boy that's homo mold
Now your sad and grown
Baby's going home
You gay
You a faggot
All day


5. Over The Hedge
What what what bitch
I cant see, I cant sleep, I cant sleep
I got that bitch I got that bitch
She gone suck a dick
My nuts so big they popping out of my jeans
That bitch so bad she got down on her knees
And I been to many drugs man cause I cant sleep
And I been to many drugs man cause I cant sleep
Couple bad bitches an they Toyota Camrys
Couple bad bitches an they tryna start a family
I got the pills I got the pills
I got that bitch i got that bitch
She suck on that dick she suck on that dick
She ride on that dick what (What)
Over the hedge what
Over the hedge what
Swag swag over the hedge
Over the hedge what what
Over the hedge yeah what
Over the hedge, I cant pay for that shit
Bitch you know I'm slashing got machete in the Congo (Congo)
Bitch she got that ass, I be slapping like a bongo (Bongo)
Damn these crackers starving need the aids like Rwanda (Wando)
I be stacking bills, call me homer I rewind though (Doh doh)
Bitch she like my sofa get that pussy reupholstered (Post it)
Yall been sleeping on all this real shit I've been posting (Oh shit)
Bitch I go S tier so you know you gone get roasted
They call this shit is real, bitch you know it cause I boasted (Boast it)
Bitch I been all through it, tryna praise the lord though (Un un)
Big boy genius, big head like a gord-o, sheet
And you know I'm cruising, elder god with the four door (Vroom)
And you know I'm cruising, elder god with the four door (Emmm)
I cant fuck that bitch cause I got aids on my dick
I cant fuck that bitch cause I got aids on my dick
And I been stealing beats cause I cant pay for that shit
And I been stealing beats cause I cant pay for that shit
Over the hedge what
Over the hedge slat
Slat slat over the hedge
Over the hedge yeah what
Over the hedge what
Over the hedge, I cant pay for that shit what


6. Baki
Snipers on the roof they don't know my next move
Plus I got fists like sonic 2
Punch holes through the bricks
Oneohtrix when I goon
And I got my shades on bitch its full moon
And I'm bending the spoon with the knights of the noon
Knock the bong over gotta swamp up this room
Gonna eat a gator
I'm my own best hater
And I'll talk to you later
Cause I gotta go goon
Sucking on my dick
Filling up a clip
Scratching on a take
Aesthetic so fake
Radar going blip
Going for a dip
Addy in the fun dip
Bitch better run bitch
Awake in my eyes
I'm just tryna harmonize
The truth and the lies
Now you going home in the night
Pass her round pass her by
Know me from the past from my lives
Now I'm riding like a knight, vibing with the clouds in the skies
Make a bug sick when I say that shit
Radar blip make a bitch run quick
Like a glowstick bomb on a baseball bat
When you see it makes
That's night vision
No cap on god that Hugo boss shit
Take the mask off in the super market
That's Gravezone Clann better say that shit
Ape so man vibing in the cage shit
Man over the hedge is so fucking sad
You got the fucking racoons in the shit
They're tryna not get killed, they're just tryna survive
They're trying not to die out here in the streets cause its so cold
And we only got our friends and our family to keep us
Keep us alive


7. Pointing a Gun In Your Face
Fuck the great work this the god work
How you think you fly but still rock mall fur
You was on the gram like mark Walberg
Said you wanna call me, but you aint call first
My whole life I'm just tryna have fun
That ho sag like with the sag in the sun
Put that bitch all in the bag with the gun
One time for the innocent and the fucking dumb
I shit the bitch pants and I shit the bitch bed
Fuck with me fuck that
Fuck fuck fuck
They don't like Gravezone cause its bad
Fuck that shit bitch, I'm your dad
Gravezone with the rain song
Rain dance in the rain like I'm rain man
Far gone with I'm singing in the rain
Run a train on a bum when I'm playing ping pong
You don't want a hockey mask
When its black thoughts
Don't cast no taxes spell
That's blasphemous cause I can't spell
You can fuck right in the shit with the semen
Shut the fuck up you need a reason
Sunlight beaming
Arch duke seasoning
Terrorist, treason
I don't need a reason


8. Terry
Beat fresh
I'm taking you to Arkham asylum you've been a bad boy
Give me a one, give me a two, give me a three, take me back to the zoo
Take me home, with the zebras and the antelopes, and the things that will all die in the Compost
They will die, they all suck,  they go cluck da luck luck
I'm like Donald duck cause I got the quack, and I also got the flap
And the big bitch in the back, I yeah show myself like that
And the cops say walk in a straight line, I cant see with the lights in my eyes
Caught being drunk in the whip, like so what bitch I just took a couple sips
Got more fluoride in my blood than this shit
Like what you gonna do about that
Like oh yeah, that's right yawl aint do shit
They tryna lock me up, and they rubbing me up and they rubbing me down
I don't really wanna fight right now
Yeah they tryna fight right now
In the back of the club, they tryna fuck me up they tryna fuck me down
I don't really wanna start a fight right now
That's kung pow chicken get fried right now
Please don't call m, I aint salami
I'm bill Crosby, I'm also tom and jerry
And every bong is scary
And now I'm talking like terry
And all those crows they still fly by me and YouTube man they still tryna ban me
Is it cause I posted images of my butthole, damn, yawl can't even blame me
Guns like I'm Paul Blart
Make your fucking heart stop
Second life credit card fraud
Keep a bitch wet with the lights off
Something is alive in the glovebox baby
Yall don't care about me
Yall don't care about me, but god got me
Yall don't care about
But the cops in the city when the hear about me
That was trick at the truck stop
Financial shit, so Paul Maul cigarette bitch
Big bag of cancer to the brain
But I hang on saying
Saying saying
Camo man with the bang bang
Saying saying
Camo man with the bang bang
Drachmas you can suck the Himalayas out the sky
And they still ask me why
I don't need no archetypes
Talk for only one night
Now this shit aint on my mind
I got love for days
Bring in the range
You know I'm deranged I'm like doctor strange
I'm on the court i got dunks for days
I ain't tryna fuck bitch what's your age
All the lonely people
All the lonely people
All the lonely people
All the lonely people


9. Ghetto Moses
That's just how it goes that's just how it goes
Living in the city and nobody knows
When you been, where you go
Who you friends with
I don't care if you got kids bitch let me sniff your vagina
Should have read the bible long ago
Know I'm here fucking bitches and selling dope
Track marks in my through
That's just how it goes
Couple bad bitches
Couple bad hoes
Got pain in my heart and a closet full of clothes
Let's go
Living in the ghetto
Got my doe rag on I'm looking Hella hard
Got the pills in the vase in a bong in the hall
Got a gun in the drawer and a hole in the wall
And I'm looking Hella hard, with my doe rag on
Selling heron
Looking bald bitch
Put your hair on
And I'm going to the club and I put my swag on
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
Living in the city and nobody knows
Where you been, where you go, who your friends with
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
Falling through cracks
Water always has
Eyes in my back
So know where im at
Harp with a bow
Heading back home
Going camo
Saying fuck Gravezone
I never took nothing that I couldn't defend
Guess I never had nothing
At least by the ends
I won't pretend
That I even still can
See the whites of her eyes
From where I still stand
And the birds and the flies and the foes and the friends
So far away now that I don't make sense
Got my head in the sand like Quizno the ostrich
Wearing mega mans helmet
Trilogy, yeah, ill helm it
Miss Pac man
And the whole world is a candy bitch that can't fuck with me
As I shoot my jizz into the grand canyon
Ask me one more question
George Washington, why would you be crossing
When you can be chilling the mini van with the broken chains and no
Fiber op connection
That's just how it goes
Living in the city and nobody knows
Where you been where you go, who you friends with
Living in the ghetto
Now what ever I want
Know wherever I go
I'm tryna buy coke
No fuck it, ill go
Got the pills in the trunk
Finna pull up to show
When them guns when off
In the car all alone
Head out the window
Hit by a vision
I just wanna go home
Dodging this world pool
Spin out by the curb dude
I know its too soon
What else could i do
Five to five
Without the lights
Sitting in a square
In the corner of the night
Home town fire
Just in time
Catching my breath tryna see sunrise
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes
That's just how it goes


10. Acid In Da Rain (Child Support)
Bitches tryna try to find a way
That they try to hide and lie, all the time
Bitches in the shit the bitches
Bet you wanna suck dick and have my child
They tryna say its a crime
Cause I don't wanna do that time
And I don't wanna pay child support
Baby mama tryna get an divorce
She wanna have an abortion
That's baby mama extortion
They go, they go, bitch they go insane, go insane
Tryna rack my brain off crack cocaine
Bitch it's always the same, that's just so lame
I'm on top looking down
No with no shame, this aint no game
This is my town
This is my town
And you a stain on it now
Took me to court, bitch took me to court
Tryna start a family
Like fuck I did that for
Fuck we did that for
Bitch, you aint no whore I loved you
That's our child,
Now you tryna have a divorce
Bitch tryna drive my Porsche
Ho that's a four door
Fuck you need that for
But I don't care about that
I'm tryna see my baby smile
I'm tryna see my child
And it's been a while since I seen you smile
Imma hit that vibe check, imma reject that child check
Bitch wreck my mindset
Bitches tryna try to find a way
That they try to hide and lie, all the time
Bitches in the shit the bitches
Bet you wanna suck dick and have my child
They tryna say its a crime
Cause I don't wanna do that time
And I don't wanna pay child support
Baby mama tryna get an divorce
She wanna have an abortion
That's baby mama extortion
I ain't ever tryna fuck
You know they want to trick the nut
They just want a guy with a truck
Who knows how to jungle fuck
Now i got the provolone
Then i got the karma loan
Spinning, been in
Mother fucker, know we winning
Up down, check it out, with this shit, wanna fuck
Never know shit from a fuck
Never known, fucked in a straight line fuck
Now we know, hanging with the wise guys
Now we got right with the white light
Spent a life stuck in the rain
Fucked in a tournament
Tryna get the fuck out of pain
Refrain, never known pain
Never been fucked like a cuck in the rain
Never known fucks as the same
You saying, you've never know trains
And I brake through the pain
Take this shit right to the bank
More fucks in the tank
Take them, straight fucked to the bank
That's a jet, straight up wreck
You never know if you don't look to the face


11. Flow So Panchinko (ft. Panchinko Ice)
Ain't got shit to fuck with
Ain't got dick to dick with
Ain't gonna fuck with mud with
Ain't gonna guts with the cuz with
Don't give a shit alcoholic
Never fuck fuck with the cum width
Never get jumped with the numbers
Never gonna say uh
Tangled up
I don't if you been caught up
With what imp doing now
Never know, up to how
Never know, never now
Till now, your gonna help
Been in love, doing that
So you say, do it now
Fuck with me, fuck with that
Panchinko ice made a milly in the stock market
Yeah, 2021 worldwide, we going retarded
When I wipe my tears, wipe my tears off the gun
Put a brassier on cunt
Made a couple milly didn't give a fuck
I might fuck around and take a bitch to Starbucks
Imma go hard, imma fuck my life up
Step in Tesla and say I need another one
Tell the president I need my fucking dick sucked
The second cup, butter cup, get my buttered up bubble butt
Bitch what the fuck
Panchinko ice made a milly in the stock market
Shut up
Yeah, 2021 worldwide, we going retarded
Imma dig into tunnels with bad judgement, thought it was for the better found out it Wasn't
It's disgusting, the way you discussing what Casey Anthony definitely didn't fucking do
Yo yo, free my girl Casey Anthony I'm tryna suck them fucking toes man


12. Mass Shooter Monarch Groove
I need to cum
I'm at school with that I'm at work with that
I think you need a mother fucking hearse for that
I'm on the ledge with that shit, to me my piece is a second dick
I've been hitting to many licks, put that D in her mouth
Wont see my face cause I'm Hella quick
Steal your car for the hell of it
I'm Xbox, I'm PlayStation, one way ticket to a stay-cation
No train station for a punk mark
Fucked you bitch at Walmart
In the parking lot I'm so hard
Pull it out of my go yard
Blow it up, clip clip clip blow
Mass shooter, monarch
I shoot it up like dope bitch
Car park so hopeless
I sit down, take a piss
Sick as fuck, my final drip
I'm at school with that
I'm at work with that
I think you need a mother fucking hearse for that
At church with that I'm at home with that
Don't do it for the cash, straight payback
Fornication, masturbation
Contemplation asperation
Inspiration fascination
Bitch this is consecration
Imma lick my wrists
Imma take a pic
Imma suck my dick
Imma summoning
I'm Osama Bin Laden
Imma coming
Yeah, I'm john madden
Imma gonna slam this thing
I got the finest things
I gotta make up the Ming
I got the chicken wing
I got the company,
I got the Django ford
I got the jump to the lord
I got the sliding doors
I got the self informed
I got the shop of whores
I got the Norn
You cant control this
I cant afford this
Now we got post recorded
I got the past distorted
I got the floor to floor shit
I got the wheel of fortune


13. Finale (Drunk Freestyle)
Yo I just wanna shout all you, all you fucking crackers out  there
You know I love you, you know id never do you wrong
You my fucking boys
You my fucking homies
You keep me alive through the night
You keep me awake right
You keep me in the zone, you keep me in the real world
Where would I be without you
Nobody knows
You know we here right know boy
Damn son, I love you
Ya ya
Yeah yeah
Yeah cant even see straight
Shooting my mouth off like Ronnie Mcnutt
Going into town and then I'm gonna fuck
Going home and getting in my truck
Killing myself in the back of the suck
Giving my duck da fuck da fuck
Giving my dog a little nut the nut
Giving my suck ta luck luck ta fuck
You about to luck out, cause you about to get fucked
Guess what, its me, I am, David lean
I am in the alien league
With the aliens playing alien baseball
With the aliens playing alien volleyball
With the aliens, sucking they own dogs
Off in the club
Dropped in my drachma
Once when we where sucking off in back of the van
There was like eight of us in the goon club, in the goon squad
And then we all brought a dog in and we jerked the dog off
When the government tries to kill me
Ill shoot them in the fucking sky
I will see them from a mile away
And they will also fucking die
I am megaton, I got the lasers
I am insane and your gonna die
Oh fuck the government in the butt hole
And then I will take them, to jail
Do do do do do do do do do do do do
They've got no power rangers
But I'm the eight power ranger
They will die
I've got like ten Megazorgs
And I'll shoot you from the fucking sky
You love baseball
Step onto the scene
Something  obscene
When its done dean was never seventeen
With the drugs in the spleen
LLC, never know me no finder fee
I don't know if you can under stand
What I'm saying now
But that's alright friend
Cause you'll find this face
Another way
Eat shop play, you know judgement day
Keeping the pain, in the back of the hurt
Keeping the drain in the back of the squirt
Know what they say in the back of the church
Dry me on the rack like my name John Hurt
Know that you always going home
Know that you always home alone
Know that you always Macaulay Culkin
Know that you always sucking the dogs dick
Toaster strudel, left the oven on
I'm dropping bombs, its an obama-thon
Battered balls, I'm jacking off
Were the real monsters after all
I cant find my way out of this cardboard box
Please will somebody let me out of the cupboard
I am, mask on fleek
I am citizen of the week
I am a man meek
I am living the sleep
Bitch I am, moon dragon
Bitch I am, Lilo and Stitch
Bitch I am
That big fat guy with the Hawaiian shirt
I am surf shack Tito


14. Pile of Shit
Someone's gotta fuck this shit,  uh
Spreading my wings like a dick, uh
Vomit out the chain no bullshit
Coming out the trench on the track no bullshit
Bullshit, gonna get throat kicked
Shit in my mouth, shit
Gonna get throat kicked, oh yeah
When you  see me, you know what it be
I'm spastic elastic and tragic
Wrapped up in plastic
Motherfucking that's magic
Beams in my mind, the criminal inside
Take me back rewind, so
So yeah, I'm smoking that crack
Yeah sure, probably got cum
Try hard not to cry cry softly
Know now, that Doppa never die
Foaming at the mouth guy
Neighborhood float guy
Rage in the Scroat guy
Spoke to the ghost guy
They tryna make me plan a career
When I apply for that E.I check
The government keep a hoe in check
Finna spent this check
On boats and Fent
And hoes and rent
You aint got no perception of the light outside the darkness
You aint go no completion outside of the will to harness
Imma go retarded, dues ex mode, when I sex your hoe
I'm the number one, number one
Big pimp, big dick big shit, big boy, having ass clit
007 in the murdered out whip
Make you walk the plank when you on my pirate ship, bitch
And you a pile of shit bitch, and you a pile of shit bitch
Throw more money in the whip
Throw more money in the pit
Throw more money in the whip
Throw more money in the pit
You a pile of shit bitch
Someone never said this now
When I'm alone, I talk aloud
I say
Iron dog, iron dog
Hold my dick while I shit in your face
And I'm crawling through shit in the tunnel like Shaw Shank
It aint sunny out and its raining out
And I'm coming out that drain
Coming out the bank with the mask on
Fruit ninja on connect with the Xbox
Claim dick sucking on your income tax
And you aint made shit but that facts
Throw more money in the whip
Throw more money in the pit
Throw more money in the whip
Throw more money in the pit
You a pile of shit bitch
That's a stupid stupid stupid way to live

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